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How it began

This KR2S became my choice of aircraft to build because in early 2006 a friend of mine from work and I began looking at building a full on flight simulator as we are both avid MS Flight Simulator users.  Hardy, who is an engineer, has the ability (curse according to his wife) to use the internals of a dead VCR and a windscreen wiper motor to come up with the basics of a full motion platform.  When taking a close look at the total cost of what we wanted to achieve, it was apparent the budget was going to exceed 10K.

In researching motion simulator information on the Internet, I came upon an article about building an aircraft for under 10K.  This was the KR2S and I immediately fell in love.  Here was an aircraft I could build with my own hands, it was going to cost less than the simulator and I could renew my license and go back flying for real.

The looks and performance of the KR2S appealed to me but being the researcher that I am, it was the online KR community that convinced me that no matter what obstacles I faced through construction or flying, I could always ask for and get honest opinions and assistance from those who have gone before me.

The planned KR2S will be a tail dragger of the standard dimensions but with a laminated bent spar and AS5048/45 airfoil.  The engine will most likely be a Type IV VW.

There has been a change of plans on the engine choice.  It will now be a 2.7lt 6 cylinder Corvair.

What follows in this website is more of a construction log I guess.  I’ll have many photos (all reduced in size for faster loading pages) and pieces of commentary.  Should I make mistakes and I am sure there will many, they will get posted and any handy tips I learn along the way will be shared too.  This will be my version of how to build a Rand Robinson KR2S.

Enjoy the web site.

Darren Cloutang-Crompton

kr-2s kr2s kr2

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